• What activities do kids do at camp?

    At camp, our campers will experience a combination of camp activities- rock climbing, swimming, boating, archery, campfires etc. as well as some workshops and breakout sessions that cover a variety of topics that we hope will help campers gain confidence, learn about themselves and what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, while making friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Is camp structured or unstructured?

    The camp schedule is created with structure in mind, while leaving room for autonomy from the campers. 

  • What are sleeping arrangements?

    Rather than assigning cabins by gender, cabins are assigned based on age, with two trained staff members who, between the two of them, provide 24 hour supervision. Campers go throughout their day with their cabin groups, alternating between camp activities and our workshops. There is time for campers to mingle with other cabin groups during supervised ‘choice time’.

  • Costs for camp?

    This summer, our camps are $750 for a week-long program.

    We offer financial aid to anyone who may need it. You can download the application and instructions HERE.

  • What is the Age Range for camp?

    Officially we take campers ages 10-18. Contact us if you have a younger camper that is interested!

  • More Questions? We would love to answer them.